Philomena Begley-I’ll Only Give This Up When It Gives Me Up


Disc 1 – CD

1. I Guess To Pieces

2. Mama Knows The Highway

3. The Last Supper

4. Pass Me By (If you’re only passing through)

5. It’s Been A Long Time

6. Life’s Storybook Cover

7. Where Ya Coming From

8. Driving

9. The Wind Beneath My Wings

10. I Love You Enough To Let You Go

11. Don’t Tell Mama (I Was Drinking)

12. Only Yesterday

13. Go On And Go

14. Blue Jean Country Queen

15. Que Sera Sera

16. Listen To The Children

17. The Family Tree

Disc 2 – DVD

1. When The Sun Goes Down Behind The Mountain

2. She Sang The Melody

3. Stand By Your Man

4. Every Second

5. Tennessee Mountain Home

6. Truck Driving Woman

7. Bright Lights And Country Music

8. Big Bam Boom

9. Sentimental Old You

10. Wrong Road Again

11. Queen Of The Silver Dollar

12. My Little Son

13. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

14. Cross Of Arboe

15. Blanket On The Ground

16. Have I Told You That I Love You

17. Have You Ever Been Lonely

18. The Family Tree

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